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Loved meeting Niko -- what a gorgeous sweetie. Keep calm and burrow on!

Mary Wyler

Hmmm, I was anxious to read what you wrote about this dog, because more than one person has said they thought our dog was a Vizsla, or part Vizsla. I have never had a dog with such unbelievable "separation anxiety!" She waits by the window for me, and the minute she sees me, she is so excited, she carries my purse upstairs for me every night. I thought this was so cute until I started running into the situation of, on occasion, not having a purse handy for her to carry... she then will try to carry my pocket, my pant cuff, anything to show her loyalty and commitment to me I guess. She is very much a one person dog, to a degree. If she needs to go outside, she won't go, unless I take her. If on a walk in a group, she sits down if I fall behind by more than 10 ft. I wonder if my friend is correct that she is a Vizsla, or if she is just a great "rescue," breed unknown. Hmmm.

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