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Wow, your lab has all the cool funding.

For your next grant, I propose changing my rooster into a hen.

Keep up the excellent work, DHH!


The next grant monies will be used to give the Proprietress and Chief Scientist of DHH a more youthful appearance. While the scientific ability to alter a subject's gender is important. We here at DHH Labs have a responsibility to maintain a dynamic and progressive image. To help facilitate this effort, please send your non-tax deductible contributions of cash (small unmarked bills would be appreciated or cashier's checks (made payable to DHH Labs Facial Renovation Fund) even better) to P.O Box 990 Los Gatos, CA
DHH Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Doggie Heaven Hotel. Doggie Heaven Hotel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gardeners Anonymous. Gardeners Anonymous is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chigiy.com. Chigiy.con is a Delaware Corporation, Headquartered in Bermuda.

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