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LOL! I love the ribbon on the bone. Very clever unwrapping by Willie. Wonderful blog. Can Rich contribute a piece about hearing you giggling wildly in the closet???

Chigiy Edson

I was quite amazed at Willie's unwrapping skill. He was quite gentle and precise.
I will have to ask Rich to write a piece about getting slobbered on by a pack of happy dogs. Thank you for visiting. Willie just went home. I am very sad:(


It seems we are under-paying you, Chigiy!
Great blog, great stories, great pictures.
Do we owe you plates?

Chigiy Edson

Hi Heidi,
We miss Willie.
What he took from us in plates, he gave
back in endless entertainment.
I'm glad you had a great trip.
I'm jealous.


What a cute dog! I'm glad you take everything in stride. I had a golden retriever who broke some antique plates by getting her colalr caught on the dishwasher rack and then running off and knocking several plates with her. Oops! A good reason to keep the dogs out of the kitchen during certain times!

Christine (Bigge) Woods

Sweet Willie! Is there anything sweeter than that doggie face?!? Of course, no one (dogs included) in my family can do ANYTHING conventionally. We're trailblazers....

Willie's Aunt Christine

Chigiy Edson

Willie is sooo cute not just in face but he is just a love. I know I should keep the dogs out but I don't of course, I just have to keep that darn dishwasher closed. Thank you for visiting.

Hi Aunt Christine,
Yes Willie is a true trailblazer. He is so wonderful and full of personality. I really enjoyed having here. My kids and I look forward to next time.


I love the way you write.

Chigiy Edson

I love you.

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